• We are helping organisations create positive welfare reform policies

  • We are helping local councils and registered social landlords with Housing Benefit Appeals.

  • We are helping welfare providers engage with their users

  • We are helping organisations create their welfare strategy

  • We are helping organisations bring welfare reform awareness and education to their staff and stakeholders

  • We are helping Councils develop and implement robust and transparent DHP & LCTR schemes

  • Next Visionary Network Benefits Briefing will be 12:30 18 December 2014

  • We have helped organisations understand the impacts of reforming welfare

  • The Next Visionary Network Presentation is 12:30 16 December 2014

  • The team are ready to assist you to bring positive reforms to your welfare service delivery

We are helping local organisations to bring a positive change to the lives of benefit recipients.

Some of our Proud Partners and Networks

The Welfare Reform Club provided much needed clarity on the steps we as a local authority could take to actively shape our role in local welfare delivery - David Mitchell, Rushcliffe BC