Manifesto Commitments on Pensions and Welfare Reform

We thought that it would be useful to identify the manifesto commitments being made about pensions and welfare reforms.  It helps in giving an understanding where the parties policy agenda might lead after the election and where any opposition may arise.

We will update as more information comes to light.

Part One: Labour/Tory/LibDem

Manifesto commitments 2017 v002PH

Part Two: Nationalists and others

Manifesto commitments 2017 Part 2 v001PH


Organisation Item Download
Summary / Summary Pt 2
  Labour Manifesto 2017
For The Many Not The Few
Forward Together
Change Britain’s Future
  SNP manifesto
Stronger For Scotland
Defending Wales
The Green Guarantee
Sinn Féin Westminster 2017 Manifesto
 Standing Strong for northern Ireland