Malcolm Gardner

Director of GHG Associates Ltd


Malcolm worked as a manager within local authority Revenues and Benefits departments since the early 1990’s and then as a business consultant in the same field. Before this Malcolm worked sixteen years in the ITS business.

Malcolm is known for his pioneering work in areas such as data matching, data analytics, electronic claim forms, and the use of new technologies to deliver efficiencies and make better use of data.    His innovative work has not just rested on technology.  He was an early user of performance management, behavioral change, and local authority fraud investigation.  He has successfully transformed several Revenues and Benefits teams into smarter and more efficient services.

Malcolm believes that the key to developing strong policy and strategy is ensuring that you use evidence, statistical information, risk assessment and behavioural psychology.  Most importantly policy and strategy should focus on outcomes.  Welfare and social security should be a leveller to ensure that all people are appropriately supported in live and their endeavours.

Malcolm current focus is on the use of discretion and conditionality in the application of local benefits.  He believes that there is a trend to conditionality that is confusing discretionary decisions and as a consequence is producing some odd hybrids that achieve neither.

Along with Paul Howarth and Deven Ghelani, Malcolm Gardner is a founding member of the Welfare Reform Club.  He is also the founder is of Visionary Network, the first such service that providing regular on-line seminars for benefits professionals. Malcolm says that the delivery of a secure and social welfare is through partnership and share objectives.  You don’t have to agree on everything but just enough to achieve transparent and worthwhile outcomes.


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